The Creative Roles of a Music Publisher by Steven Farris, Wednesday 7th of December, 5pm [GMT] 7pm [Ukraine]
Setting up, building, and managing an independent record label by James Vella, Friday 9th of December, 5pm [GMT] 7pm [Ukraine]
New Horizons: creative tools, connections, communities by Terry Tyldesley, Sunday 11th of December, 11am [GMT] 1pm [Ukraine]
Body and Machine Learning by Atau Tanaka, Wednesday 14th of December, 12pm [GMT] 2pm [Ukraine]
Balancing formula with freedom of expression – creative electronic music production by Caro C, Saturday 17th of December, 12pm [GMT] 2pm [Ukraine]

Workshops in collaboration with Music Hackspace
Introduction to Max 8 and RNBO by Kyle Duffield, Thursday 8th of December, 4-6pm [GMT]
Introduction to Live Visuals with TouchDesigner by Halina Rice, Thursday 15th of December, 4-6pm [GMT]
Using 3D Audio in Music Production and Performance by Daniel Molnar, Tuesday 13th of December, 4-6pm [GMT]
Introduction to Live Coding with TidalCycles by Jack Armitage, Tuesday 20th of December, 4-6pm [GMT]

Music & Activism with Seba Kayan, dogheadsurigeri [Oramics Collective], Ira Krapka [KYUB residency], Lenoczka [KYUB residency], and Gaby D’Annunzio [Refuge Worldwide], moderated by Lucia Udvardyova, Monday 9th of January, 6pm [GMT]

Music & War with Yazan Khalili, Radio Alhara / The Sonic Liberation Front, Artem Kanishchev [KYUB residency] and Ptakh [KYUB residency], moderated by NFNR [Olesia Onykiienko], Tuesday 10th of January, 6pm [GMT]

KYUB Event
4th of February, more information soon.


Balancing formula with freedom of expression – creative electronic music production by Caro C
Caro C will share some of her reflections and approaches to creative electronic music production. Described as a  “one-woman electronic avalanche” (BBC) and “sonic enchantress” (BBC Radio 3), Caro has been producing her electronic music since 1997 and like many, has spent thousands of hours exploring and refining her sound playing with Western/European music conventions and formulas within electronic music genres. Caro will cover how we can find freedom of expression within formulas and conventions, exploring her approaches to compression/dynamic control, stereo spatialisation as well as the use of EQ, automation, frequency overtones and the harmonic series, playing with found sounds and voices and layering sounds to achieve the fullest sound world for your listener to step into. After all, it’s ultimately about humanity via technology for this creative electronic music artist.

Body and Machine Learning by Atau Tanaka
We consider the human body as musical instrument and explores how it might play AI systems. I use the electromyogram to capture the gestural effort of the performer. We will think about the notion of the “instrument”, and contrast it with concepts of the “tool” predominant in our technoculture. We will consider the word, “performance” and its various artistic, technical, and social meanings. We then look at how biosignals can turn performer into instrument. I then describe embodied musical performance in interaction with machine learning technologies. Performer gesture measured through muscle sensing is mapped to sonic granular synthesis through the mediation of neural networks. The compositional arch starts with an empty data set and finishes with a regression model mapping a multidimensional gesture-timbre information space. As much as the machine learns the states of the body, the human performer learns the musical space created by the neural network.

New Horizons: creative tools, connections, communities by Terry Tyldesley 
Pioneering creators and innovators are on new journeys in digital spaces and opening up AI, VR and more beyond their own practice, sharing tools that can transform music making, performance and distribution.

New Horizons explores exciting developments and how to access these, to spark ideas, or connect, as well as some of the spheres where creative conversations are happening, and new communities can be found.

The Creative Roles of a Music Publisher by Steven Farris 
Royalties and Copyright are the key areas of publishing administration. This KYUB talk will focus on the Creative Roles of a Music Publisher which are A&R and Sync.

Setting up, building, and managing an independent record label by James Vella
Having worked in independent music for almost two decades, Phantom Limb founder James Vella offers insights into the fundamentals, challenges, mundanities, and joys of running a small record label, gained from countless hours of experience. In this talk, we will form a small (hypothetical) label of our own and develop it from a grassroots, DIY bedroom operation into a reputable indie with a reliant and robust infrastructure. We will cover all from scouting artists to recording contracts, from marketing to distribution, from royalty accounting to Bandcamp accounts as our label grows and gains new ground, an expanding catalogue and a wider profile in the independent music ecosystem.

Music & Activism
On this panel we will focus on the topic of music as a tool for making change. We will talk about the roles and responsibilities of artists and communities facing the war, their current needs in Ukraine, international solidarity and support and impact of the war on the creative process.

Music & War
On this panel we will talk about the roles and responsibilities of artists and communities facing the war, their current needs in Ukraine, international solidarity and support and impact of the war on the creative process.


Terry Tyldesley 
Feral Five / Kat Five 
Terry Tyldesley is a creative technologies producer, music and tech consultant, and musician. 
Founder of Kitmonsters inclusive music and tech site and podcast, she is  former Chair of ethical music streaming co-operative Resonate. As a tutor  on the JUMP EU Music Market Accelerator, she mentors technology  innovators and entrepreneurs, and she lectures at the School of Music  Business. 
Terry produced and curated Music Tech Fest in Berlin, produced WITCiH  Digital Festival featuring Laurie Anderson, Volo VR thrill ride at Fantastic  Feats festival, and worked with body>data>space at FutureFest.
A music producer, songwriter and artist, her work as Kat Five and with her  band Feral Five, features on BBC Radio 6, Radio X, in film and in sound  installations. 
She received an RTS Award and BAFTA nomination for her film-making at  the BBC, and set up its first programme website. 

Atau Tanaka                                                
Atau Tanaka uses EMG muscle sensing to turn the human body into a musical instrument. His first inspirations came upon meeting John Cage  during his Norton Lectures at Harvard. In the 1990s he formed Sensorband with Zbigniew Karkowski and Edwin van der Heide and in the  Japanoise scene played alongside Merzbow, Otomo, KK Null. His second  trio, Sensors_Sonics_Sights was with Thereminist Laurent Dailleau and visual artist Cécile Babiole. He has performed in John Peel’s Meltdown at  Southbank London, in the French improvised music scene with Camel  Zekri, Metamkine, Le Quan Ninh, and Michel Doneda, and in duo with  Adam Parkinson (aka Dane Law), and with the visual artist Lillevan. He  has released on Sub Rosa, Bip-hop, Caipirinha Music, Touch/Ash,  Sonoris, Sire Records, NX Records and is commissioning editor for the Sonics Series at Goldsmiths Press. 

Caro C 
Described as a “sonic enchantress” (BBC Radio 3) Caro C is a composer,  producer and performer of creative electronic music ranging from dreamy  piano-based ambient songs to more funky chunky beats with bass. She  loves to get into the sound, carefully sculpting each sound world using  found sounds (everyday objects and sound), her voice, piano and  technology. Her fourth album “Electric Mountain” is out now and was supported by Help Musicians. Caro also creates music and sound design  for film, theatre, dance, has performed live across Europe and works in  podcast production including for Sound On Sound magazine. 
Caro is also the instigator and project manager of Delia Derbyshire Day,  an electronic music charity which champions daring and dedicated artists  past, present and future. Her expertise in electronic music and passion for  authentic expression includes her working as a mentor, a teacher/ facilitator as well as a researcher for likes of “Sisters with Transistors” (2020), a feature film by Lisa Rovner about women pioneers  of experimental electronic music. 

James Vella
James Vella has worked in the independent music industry for over 15 years, starting with DIY label O Rosa Records before moving to renowned  independent FatCat Records (then home to Sigur Rós, Animal Collective,  Max Richter, múm and more). He spent 8 years in A&R at FatCat, and  subsequently left to launch new music group Phantom Limb, a  multifaceted endeavour that includes a record label, a live agency, music  publishing and artist management within its many departments. He also  writes music with acclaimed group yndi halda – with whom he has toured  worldwide – and as a solo artist under the name A Lily. His first fiction  work, a short story collection titled Devourings, was published in 2014; he  is working on a new collection and a novel now. 

Steven Farris

Steven Farris is a music consultant with a background in music publishing  A&R. He offers music publishing advice, sync representation/licensing,  catalogue optimisation and mentoring. 
His services have been employed by the following companies – JUMP  European Market Accelerator, BIMM, Faction Music, Sound Czech, Leeds Conservatoire,  Scruff Of The Neck,  HEMI Music Hub, AKQA, PRS Foundation, MVKA, Access Creative,  Scratch My Progress and artists – Pressure Drop, Ragnar Aegir, Lake  Malawi. 
He draws upon thirty plus years of experience and has held A&R positions  at EMI, Sony, Peoplesound, A7 Music, On The Fiddle, Polar Patrol, Spirit/ B-Unique and has signed/worked with artists and writers including the  Levellers, Snow Patrol, Belle and Sebastian, Rae & Christian,  Midfield General, Cut La Roc, Kidda, Here We Go Magic, Johnny McDaid  (Ed Sheeran), Luke Temple, Nadine Shah, Kathryn Joseph,Declan  O’Rourke, Thomas McLaughlin (Soak),Bo Bruce/ Equador, Malpas,  Node,Tired Pony, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Queen Zee, Bilk, Vryll  Society and Shadowlark. 

Music Hackspace
Music Hackspace is an online-based community of artists, engineers, and companies who all share the common goal of pioneering the largest online learning platform for music technology. Becoming a member of our community gives you access to meetups, live online workshops, and on-demand courses led by world-beating artists and teachers. Being a member of the Music Hackspace presents you with a wide range of high quality resources, enabling you to unlock your potential and find your musical direction. We aim to catalyse your development within music technology, DIY electronics, sound art, and much more.

Seba Kayan
Seba Kayan is a viennese DJ and artist. Her work oscillates between DJing, performances, exhibitions and curating. 
Her music has a forensic, political and metaphorical approach. By digging into various music archives she collects lost pieces. Her polyrhythmic compositions integrate a wide array of musical genres, including Orientalfuturistic electro, techno and Acid. In between, she burns the unmistakable swing of the so called “Oriental” Music into ironclad techno frameworks.
A binary vision of an occidental vs. oriental world is not aimed to be created, but both cultures are tried to be embodied and become interwoven.
Recent and forthcoming performances include Donaufestival, Sonic Territories and Transition Festival.

Gaby D’Annunzio Bio  (Refuge Radio)
Gaby D’Annunzio is the co-founder and managing director at the Open Music Lab. This music production school provides free education and artistic development for marginalised communities, creating pathways for greater equality in music. 
As the Head of Community Development and Education at Refuge Worldwide Radio, he’s curating workshops, developing partnerships with our non-profit partners as well as working closely with the community to find tangible opportunities within the industry.

dogheadsurigeri (Oramics collective)
Polish DJ currently based in London. Since 2018 she’s been a member of Oramics, an initiative that supports the participation of women, non-binary and the LGBTQ+ community in the clubbing scene. She’s performed in different clubs all over Poland and at some festivals such as Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice, Open Source Art Festival, Upper Festival or Ephemera Festival. You could catch her playing in London (Colour Factory), Amsterdam (s105, BRET) or Bratislava (Fuga). Her sets are hybrid with rhythmic switch-ups blending cut-up deconstructed club-music with energetic and fast techno, trance and gabber. She released mixes for NTS, Boiler Room: HARD DANCE series, Ransom Note and had occasional radio shows at NTS, HÖR Berlin, Red Light Radio and more. Together with other Oramics members, she was a part of CTM 2021 Discourse panel discussion on solidarity practices within the electronic music scene. In 2020 she was a part of “To Be Real”l art residency at Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw. Nonlinearity rages through the machines. Cyclonic torsion moans. Born under Scorpio zodiac sign, she’s ruled by impulsiveness and passion, which reflect in everything she does.

Ira Krapka [Kyub residency participant]
Ira Krapka (Ira Lobanok)- a musician, sound producer, educator and cultural manager, who graduated from University of Westminster (London, UK) where studied Commercial Music Performance (2018). 
As a part of her solo career, only last year Ira produced an album for a Polish singer-songwriter Namena Lala, released a single with a Lithuanian artist Bjelle and another one – with a Polish beatboxer and producer Muzaman. Having a passion for video games, Ira has composed soundtracks for 8 games, which are now featured on Steam, X Box, Play Station та Nintendo.
Ira is also a sound-producer and a musicians in an electronic duo Krapka;KOMA. Since the launch of the project in September 2019, Krapka;KOMA has released an EP, 3 international collaborations, 5 music videos, was released on a vinyl in Los Angeles and has had over 70 self-booked performances in 15 European countries, including such festivals as The Great Escape (UK), Waves Vienna (Austria), Sziget (Hungary) and Eurosonic (Netherlands).

Lenoczka [Kyub residency participant]
Lenoczka (Lena Dzhurina) – Ukrainian independent audiovisual artist and performer, who currently works on the development of local creative community in the city of Kryvyi Rih (Ukraine), organization of artistic charitable events and supporting volunteer movement.

Lucia Udvardyová
Lucia Udvardyová is a music journalist, curator, and organizer. In 2010, she co-founded Easterndaze, a project that aims to document and interconnect the emerging underground scenes in Central and Eastern Europe. She has worked with Czech Radio, Resonance FM, Cashmere Radio, The Quietus, and The Wire, among others. Since 2016, she has been curating the Easterndaze x Berlin series that aims to bring together collectives from Berlin and the CEE region. She also gives lectures and talks and leads sound-related workshops. Udvardyová works for the SHAPE platform, a pan-European festival initiative that promotes innovative music and audiovisual art.

The Sonic Liberation Front is an initiative on Radio Alhara by a group of sound platforms, online radios, musicians, and sound artists who came together to unify their audio production to protest for the freedom and justice for Palestine and other struggles around the world. 
It was initiated in May 2021 by suspending regular programming on more than 50 online radios such as Ma3azef, NTS and Radio Raheem, and broadcasting audio works by hundreds of producers from all around the globe. SLF became a platform for practicing solidarity with many protests and struggles around the world, from Iran to Chile to Tunis, where online radios create a network of politicised voices and sounds.

Yazan Khalili
Works in and out of Palestine. He is an artist, architect, and cultural producer. A founding member of Radio Alhara and the Question of Funding Collective among others.

Artem Kanishchev
Kyub residency participantArtem Kanishchev is Ukrainian based electronic musician, produces music as a member of duo diser tape. Was co-founder of creative community Teple Yabluko. In 2013 — 2018 community focused on supporting Ukrainian experimental electronic artists and organised series of electronic live events in Kyiv. Facing a full-scale invasion in Kyiv and remains in Ukraine, working on a new album.

I’m a music composer and electronic music sound producer from  Kyiv. I’ve graduated  Kyiv National Music Academy as a piano and organ performer. I’ve started composing my own music in 2013. Since then I’ve released 4 full-length albums and 3 EP’s (as Ptakh), 1 LP and 1 EP as a member of Ptakh_Jung duo. I was also lucky to compose music for 6 full-length feature films and documentaries and 4 short films. I prefer to describe my music as a blend of academic harmonies with techno approach.

NFNR [Olesia Onykiienko]
NFNR (Olesia Onykiienko) – Ukrainian electronic musician, theatrical and film composer, curator of experimental platform for women in Ukraine `Womens Sound`, `v:uncase`, WOK & KYUB sound residencies, member of the platform `Institute of Sound`.
NFNR is a participant of Ars Electronica 2018, Shape Platform artist 2022/2023, Skaņu Mežs 2022, Assembly: Decolonial War in Europe, in Rome 2022. Has releases on Corridor Audio label (UA), СИСТЕМА (UA), Cashmere Radio (Berlin), as well self-releases
Since the start of the full-scale war NFNR continues living in Ukraine and actively helps the defenders of her country collecting donations, arranging supplies from abroad and playing charity concerts.